QTPI v1.62 Vapour Release Notes

14th January 1997

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This manual documents the fixes that will be available in QTPI v1.57. This will fix some rather embarassing show stopper features in QTPI v1.56. It is provided without (much) documentation "as-is". This new release is available here to download or from various mailboxes.
QTPI 1.62
  1. Mono screen bug
  2. Status bar overflow
  3. XPR Transfer failures
  4. Baud rates on QXL
  5. Product References
    1. What is CSM
    2. What is XPR
    3. What is SuperHermes
    4. What is Config
    5. What is ProWesS
    6. What is QXL
  6. The author
  7. Download QTPI

Mono screen bug

Catastrophic screen corruption resulting in a completely unusable program would result if the program was Config 'ed for mono. This was a result of programmer stupidity while adding the resize icon. So maybe I do need ProWesS ?

Status Bar overflow

The status bar would overflow when long ComDev strings (for example, Superhermes device names) were used.

Don't think even ProWesS would have saved me from this one.

XPR Transfer failures

On systems where CSM was not installed, XPR file transfers would fail, usually locking up the machine. This was not a deliberate attempt to force you to use CSM

baud rates on QXL

QTPI v1.56 allegedly supported split baud rates to 57600 baud on QXL. Other than the beta tester for this feature, no-one else seems to be able to make it work. It is removed from v1.57.

Product References

This section descibes some products referenced in this manual.

What is CSM

CSM (aka Client Server Manager) is a SMS/QDOS extension that provides a easy way to add scripting capabilites to programs.

What is XPR

XPR (aka eXternal PRotocol) is a method of adding file transfer cabailities to a SMS/QDOS communications program.

What is SuperHermes

SuperHermes is a replacement hardware serial chip for Sinclair QL Computers.

What is Config

Config is a freely distributable program (c) QJump that may be used to configure SMS/QDOS programs.

What is ProWesS

ProWesS is new window manager for SMS/QDOS currently being developed by PROGS of Belgium. ProWesS will include a free HTML viewer so you can waste hours looking at this sort of thing.

What is (was) QXL

QXL was a add on card for IBM compatible systems to run SMS/QDOS. This card is no longer in commercial production.

Who is Jonathan Hudson ?

The author explores Nizwa Fort QTPI is written by Jonathan R. Hudson. Caught here having a sunny day off exploring the historic Nizwa Fort in the Oman Interior.

Jonathan R Hudson

The Dead Letter Drop BBS

Click here to download QTPI 1.62. Das QTPI-Bild anklicken um die neueste Version zu empfangen. Die Dateien sind 125 kbytes lang.

File sizes are 125 kbytes. Falls es Probleme mit dem Programm gibt, bitte informiert mich: Peta Jäger. Nicht den Autor!
If you have problems with this cut-down version please contact me: Peta Jäger, not the author!

Qtpi162e download/empfangen

Click here to download the documentation.
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QTPI Dokumentation Version 1.62

Bitte lest zunächst QTPI_man in dem Archiv! Please read QTPI_man within the archive first!

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