QPC DEMO VERSION 1.41! Click to download!

File: QPCDEMO.ZIP SIZE: 1687KB DATE: 19.1.98 20:20:00  Downloadtest: 19.1.98 i.O.

Marcel Marcels Tip der Woche:

'Unbedingt 1.41 herunterladen, denn das QXL.WIN File ist stark verbessert worden!'

Das QXL.WIN File ist jetzt 4MB gross und trotzdem ist das Gesamtarchiv nur 1.7MB!!! Alle Utilities sind im File geupdated. Super Peta! :-)

Marcels tip of the day:

'Get 1.41! It is fast as hell and the QXL.WIN file is very much improved!'

The QXL.WIN file is now 4MB but the archive is only 1.7 MB including the emulator!!! All utilities are updated. Well done Peta! :-)

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Do you would like to see how fast QPC is with your hardware?

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